“Daphne makes the scary world of health and wellness tangible and even exciting.” – Jessica L., Los Angeles

“Daphne is an educator, a guide, a mentor and a friend in this practice. Her skill and aptitude for supporting all people through this incredibly personal journey toward health is completely unique, she is a diamond in the rough.” – Anja T., New York City

“Doing Well is a personalized nutrition and wellness path that you walk down, hand-in-hand with Daphne. It is a supported journey of learning, experimentation and visible healthy progress that is crafted to readily integrate into your own unique lifestyle.”  – Pia B., New York City

“I really liked that Daphne approached me as an individual who is unique. She really took the time to dig in, listen and understand. She had a way of always making me feel successful even when I was being hard on myself. Her approach has helped me with sustaining positive health practices versus burning out and abandoning.”  – Stephen H., Houston

“Doing Well is a very empowering and life-changing method. It is an effective, approachable, and non-rigid method that is rooted in food but influences all aspects of your life supporting you in the most energized and vibrant way.”   – Camilla S., Copenhagen


“Daphne’s approach was just what I was looking for – no frills, no hesitation, and all truth.”   – Camille J., Los Angeles

“Daphne mines directly from the center of both her personal and work life to share her unique perspective on building one’s own ideal career and life. She has a way of cutting to the heart of one’s needs and offering a quick and simple roadmap to their next step.”   – Deirdre S., Detroit

“Daphne has the incredible gift to make people feel comfortable in their vulnerability; she understands modern life, she doesn’t judge, and her tips and daily practices are for everyone approachable and understandable.”   – Chiara R., Antwerp

“Daphne feels like a safe space for anyone a little lost looking for just somewhere to start.”   – Emma O., New York City